Cacti Card the 2nd – Interior

After I finished the motive selection on my christmas cards it was time to work on the interior. I know, I could just write anything and be done with it. But I’d like to see the cards as something complete.

So it was time to tackle that as well. It was fun, to see how the vague idea I had slwoy took shape and at the end development into something I really liked. I already choose pergament paper as an inlay.


  • paper for doodling around
  • notebook for also doodling but also could get the size right
  • different pencils, I used black fine liners, calligraphy pencils (but not needed), fountain pen (also not needed), gold fine line, copper fine liner (for trying different colour schemes

As I dabble a bit into word art and caligraphy, I wanted to something along those lines, but I’m far from skilled so, I doodled around mostly. It’s important to note that any kind of markers, fine liners, pencils, pens and everything in between, can be used for doodleing and creating a concept. After you finished the draft you want to use, you should think about what kind of pen you will be needing, and adapt the draft (you can also already use the pencils you want to use for your draft as well). Sometimes it helps to change the medium, to get a better feeling on where you want to go.


I changed the text and tried a bit with fauxe caligraphy until I found something I liked. It’s the last text in the upper right picture. It evolved to the text in the big picture.

It was the beginning, so I now had the problem to make it big enough. The text size needed to cover A5, the whole card when opened. So I got out one of the notebooks and tried to find out how big the text needed to be and how I could make it look good.


As I played around with it the writing just began to flow, finaly setteling on a style I liked. But everything was far from over. After the text, the size and the kind of typeset I’d like to you use, I was confronted about the how it should look. What pencils to use, what colours. I started with black and blue, because I thought I could use my new fountain pen as well (a special birthday gift from my SO), but I became apparent soon, it was no use. Also an all black looked kind of boring. I experimented with a gold fine liner as well, but also a blend from black and gold, or an gold-only writing also looked kind of bland.


But I also felt I was one the right track. Something with black and something with gold and also maybe not all in the same type set, to mix it up a bit, but not too much, because I didn’t want to go too overboard, and stay tasteful.

While I was complementing different ideas, I crawled Pinterest for this last boost of inspiration. I specifally searched different calligraphy pins to help me find a direction. And bingo I found it. Make “Frohe Weihnachten” (Merry Christmas) and “Jahr” (Year) in capitals letters in gold and the rest in black. And the last point to make it perfect (in my eyes), write the same words, in black, over the gold ones.


It looks great on the transparent papers. For the tranparent paper and writing over the gold I need another black pencil, as the pergament paper is not realy absorbant, so the normal black fine liner looks rather thin on it and needs a long time to dry, which higtens the risk of accidental smudge marks. I got a few on my test paper. So I used a enamel pen in black, it was a bit thicker than I would have liked, but it looked still good.

I’m really happy on how it turned out. It took me half a day of trying and doodleing until I reached something I liked and on which I could built upon and than create the end product.

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