It’s all about the pompoms

In the last Mollie Makes issue (german edition), was a pompom wreath displayed, which instantly I needed to make. It is kind of tacky, but notheless I feel in love with it, and started the journey to call one my own.

I will not give here a full descitprion, for this you will need to check out the chistmas edition. I think it was last year in the UK.

I tried to be as close to the original as possible, so I choose the same colors (or roughly the same): White, pale pink, pink, red, yellow, pale blue, petrol. But in theory it is not important, just choose the colors you like best and go from there.

I didn’t find any christmas ornaments that would fit (they used golden stags in the original) so I went with tiny pinecones and sprayed them gold.

To create the pompoms I did buy pompom makers, because they are more easy to use than paper created one.

One tipp I have is to use small sharp scissors. Everything else will kill your hands. If you follow the original instructions, you will create around 50 pompoms, don’t underdestimate it.

Beside that I used small plastic christmas bubbles in gold, gold matt finish, glitter gold, white, red, and glitter red. As well as little bells in red, white, gold and gold matt finish.

As the instructions wanted I created pompoms in different colors and patterns. I used the smallest pompom makers I had (3.5 and 4.5 cm) and a fork, for a few tiny ones. This was quite enough for me, but you can always go bigger and bolder.


The styropor wreath I used had a diameter of 25 cm, in the instructions they used 17 cm. I first bought a 15 cm one, thinking the difference wasn’t that big, but it was way to small, so I bought another one. The bigger the better. But remember, the bigger you get, the more pompoms you will need.


It was also my first run in with a hot-melt gun. Which I think saved me lots of time and headaches. I did get the glue on some unexpected places, mainly on my fingers, and boy is the hot glue hot. If you use one for the first time, please be very careful. I still don’t know how to avoid the glue strings, but they also didn’t get in my way to much.

The last step is putting it all together and finding a nice place to hang it up and admire your work.

It took me around four days of consistent work. Two evenings and one and a half day. So put on some TV series or audiobook and have fun.


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